The Year of Joy

Joy is increased by spreading it to others.
— Robert Murray McCheyne

Hello, My Friend!!

Please allow me to introduce you to one of my good friends, Dr. Yulanda Tyre (tie-ree).

Yulanda and I met years ago but were reunited when we both participated in Leadership Montgomery, a 9-month leadership intensive for community leaders.

I love connecting you to people who have positive influences in my life.

Earlier this year, Yulanda and I had a great conversation on my Connected Women Win show about 2019 being a Year of Joy!!

I realize that we are about to end the first quarter of!!

I won't ask how things are going for you!

I will ask, Do you still have Joy!!!

The newness of this year wore out wayyyyyy long ago, but your choice to choose joy has not.

I pray that as you listen to this 9-minute video snippet below, you will be encouraged to either maintain or pick up a mindset of joy!!!

Dr. Yulanda Tyre, Owner of Reignite, LLC and the author of the Reignite Devotional

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I am inviting you to join me on Thursday, April 2nd, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. for a FREE webinar:

How to Turn Your Story into a Profitable Side Business

I promise I won't hold back. I'll share the highs, lows and everything in between. So many times we see people on the other side of success and we don't know the journey that brought them there.

I will share everything that I wish someone would have shared with me at the beginning of this 16-year run.