Will I Ever Be HER?

By Tasha M. Scott

Do you ever get tired of not getting “it” right?

Let me be more specific….You have an idea for your business. You don’t trust your own instinct or creativity so you feel “led” to run that idea by someone else. They don’t get as excited as you expected. They tell you everything you need to do to improve. They don't applaud you for your audacious effort of doing "something" vs. "nothing" in the face of fear!

THEN…you walk away semi-crushed because you really thought you nailed it.

SO…you feel defeated and maybe even a little discouraged because you wanted validation on the journey from someone else… 😔

You just needed someone to say, “Girl, you are doing GREAT!” 

OR...Have you been so excited about serving your people?

AND...your people actually love the help you’re giving.

You know this, because they constantly tell you how much you are helping them.

BUT...you don't give yourself credit for your progress. 

SO...then you gotta go on Facebook or Instagram (or your social media platform of choice) and you see the “gurus” tell you that if you’re not doing business their way…you are wrong!

Everything always feels wrong - compared to everyone else's progress, that is.

You’re so tired of feeling wrong…after all, they made six figures in 1 week on their awesome service or product. 

You feel like, "What the heck is wrong with me???"

So you change your method of doing things to try to fit into “their" mold because secretly you’ve compared your Chapter 3 to their Chapter 30; surely your way would take WAYYY too long to see proven results.

Never mind the fact that you actually have people that are benefiting from your unique gifts.

Let’s not even consider the fact that you heard the voice of God, but you keep listening to the voice of “they.” 

After all…you waiver in confidence so it looks like the “Experts" know best.

Don't get it twisted, though. You know, it's not wrong to ask for AND receive help, but your dependence lately has been more on them than in God and on you.

So NOW….you’re totally confused, utterly drained and severely tired.

You lose yourself in the noise...so MUCH noise!

You don’t even know your own name, let alone call on the name of the Lord!

THEN...You have this silent question that has been mocking you for a Loooonngg time:

Will I ever be her???

Excuse me, but who the heck is her? (side eye)

Is she this fake person that you created so that others would finally accept you, validate you and, for goodness sake, stop judging you!

What if in your pursuit of her…you forgot about YOU?!?!?




Sorry…don’t mind me….I’m screaming at myself, too!!

Because what if we did stop?

What if you just stopped?

Stop sabotaging you, your health, your dreams, your relationships, your business, your efforts, YOUR potential?

Stop your identity crises!

What if we boldly declared, There will be NO crises!?!?

What if you Stopped selling yourself short?

Stopped playing small because you’re afraid you would stand out, be criticized or judged for being YOU.


Whose measuring stick are you using anyway?

We can get off the merry-go-round at any time and make a bolder declaration, I AM HER.

I. AM. HER!!!

I AM the woman of my dreams!

I AM the one I’ve been waiting for all of this time!

Every SINGLE day, you have a right to discover and embrace your God-given identity so you can live out your purpose.

God has endorsed you!

For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope. ~ Jeremiah 29:11 AMP
— www.biblegateway.com

SO...the person you've been waiting to sign your permission slip is not "they", it's YOU!

Will you stop waiting and start embracing?


Reflection: What if the world was holding its breath waiting on you to be YOU? What are you willing to let go of and embrace so that you can maximize your existence?