The True Power of Your Story!

By Tasha M Scott

On this beautiful Monday morning, one of the first emails I received was a testimonial from a recent workshop that I hosted, "How to Stop the Past from Holding you Hostage."

Something was different in me at this workshop. I've told my story before in numerous speaking engagements, workshops and live streaming video.

But this particular workshop, I felt MORE vulnerable than ever.  I also felt MORE surrendered to God! It wasn't about me. Yes, it was my story, but it was ultimately His Story...I was only explaining my part, which was definitely a smaller portion to God's bigger story.

I received this testimonial from one of the attendees and I am constantly reminded that we have a responsibility to tell our story. The struggles, the scars, the pain - even the victories and triumphs - they are bigger than us. God will always lead us to the how and when and how much. Our job is simply to listen and obey.

Check out this testimonial and be encouraged...tell your story! You never know who you're encouraging along the way!

It's all for Freedom! Yours and theirs!

"What some would call coincidence, I would call the working of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was definitely present at the workshop led by Tasha Scott, calling us to turn our walls into stepping stones toward the complete person that God wants us to be.  Tasha asked us to write our story to discover where we have been and see that God was working in our lives the whole time, preparing us to become fully what we were intended to be.  She said that we were all there at the workshop that day for a purpose, and I agree.  She asked us to surrender ourselves so that we may become free.

    This workshop was the first of the “nudges” that I received over the weekend.  The next day at church, the theme of the service was to tell our story.  Our story is the story of God working in our lives.  From the special music of “My Story” by Jason Ingram and Mike Weaver to the traditional hymn, “I Love to Tell the Story,” the message was to tell your own story which is His story, a story of hope and love.  The pastor said people sometimes feel uncomfortable with evangelizing because we think we don’t know the Bible well enough or we don’t know theology, but when we tell our story about what God has done for us, no one can argue.

    After church, I went to a creative writers meeting, and part of the discussion was - - what else -- telling your story.  One of the members encouraged us to tell our stories using “mosaic memoirs.”  This method uses a collection of short memories or even a memory in a sentence or two to tell our stories in a more meaningful way than just dates and facts.  Our personal history can come alive with laugh-out-loud, funny stories, world events that changed our lives, stories about the way life used to be, travel adventures, personal achievements, and stories about our ancestors and children.

    I had already written and had bound “My Story,” including photographs, about my early childhood through high school years and gave copies to close family.  Now I need to tell my story again, to testify to the power and presence of God throughout the journey.  Thanks, Tasha, for being such a great inspiration." Written by Kelley Garrett of JKG Travel,

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