Re-Think Your Reality!

By Tasha M. Scott

This morning, as I was reading Terry Davis' book "Receive and Achieve Now", I was challenged by one of the exercises to write out my Personal Reality Statement. This exercise is very similar to positive affirmations.

I found this to be a powerful exercise because it forced me to release negative expectations.

Writing the statement helped me to focus on the positive feelings I would have if I actually achieved my dreams. 

Here's what I wrote:

"I am grateful that God has turned my mindset, my marriage and my money problems around. 

I am no longer bound.

I am no longer a victim to my past shame. 

I am grateful that my husband and I are best friends. We work together to give hope to others.

I am excited that my daughter is redeemed from every generational curse.

I wake up full of energy and full of creativity.

I exude confidence every single day as I walk out my God-given assignment.

I am Tasha M. Scott.

I am the first me...not the next anyone!"

This motivates me every time I read it. So much so that I decided to commit this to memory and continue declaring and claiming this to be my actual reality.

What about you? Are you ready to re-think your reality? It's true...if you change your thoughts, you really could transform your life.

CHALLENGE: Will you commit to writing out your own Personal Reality Statement today? If so, type yes in the comment section below.

I'm praying for you! :) 

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