4 Reasons Why We’re Struggling with Commitment Issues

As I sit here to write this blog, I confess, I have commitment issues.

I am a visionary. I LOVE coming up with ideas. I even LOVE sharing those ideas. BUT when it comes to committing to the process, I am a work in progress.

Okay…Okay, I confess I even procrastinate.

Whew! Especially when the goal I’m trying to achieve is hard or challenging, there are moments that I become paralyzed with doubt.

My secret though is I have learned not to stay there in a state of confusion, isolation or chaos.

How do I regain focus long enough to make significant progress: One Word!


What is commitment:  A promise to be loyal to someone or something.

What does my personal commitment look like:

  • A promise to be loyal to God
  • A promise to be loyal to myself
  • A promise to be loyal to my family
  • A promise to be loyal to my dreams and calling
  • A promise to be loyal to helping others.

My friend, if you and I are going to achieve success in 2017, we have to know how to address our commitment issues so that we can break the insanity cycle once and for all.

Commitment costs everything but it’s worth the price. Don’t be deceived, though. The lack of commitment costs dearly, too, in a negative way.

Ultimately, the lack of commitment can lead to self-sabotage and lack of progress.

I refuse…I REFUSE to take my commitment issues into 2017. I am declaring that I WILL be more intentional this year about my personal and business growth. It. Is. Time!!

What about you?

Do you have commitment issues?

I discovered 4 reasons why I feel like we struggle with commitment issues:

  • We are afraid of getting it wrong.
  • We are afraid of rejection.
  • We are afraid of the responsibility that comes with true freedom.
  • We are afraid of losing control.

The ugly truth is that our commitment issues have the potential to hold us back from our true potential IF we don’t address fear head on.

Now that we’ve acknowledged our commitment issues, let’s look at some practical ways on how to deactivate fear’s power:

·         We have to stop waiting on perfect conditions

·         We must do at least one actionable item that makes the most sense right now.

·         We need to stop criticizing others because doing so only invites insecurity.

Let’s resolve to become more intentional this year with our commitment.

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