Do you See Yourself Financially Free?

Everything starts with vision!

My Friend, if we are going to experience true freedom from Financial Bondage, we have to have a vision of seeing ourselves free.

Many times there are so many lies that we believe that the truth can seem like an impossible mission.

Today, as we unveil the first phase of Financial Freedom: Vision - I want to encourage you with a passage from my own daily Bible Study.

I pray this reading will ignite God's vision on the inside of you as you trade in lies for the truth.


"Using Truth to Counter Lies"

By Anna Light, Author of In_Security: Break Free from what Holds You Back

The first step in overcoming our insecurities is to:

Write down the top three lies we believe about ourselves—the enemy’s deception, out of our head, into the light, and staring at us on paper.

Why is this important?

The enemy works in darkness and it is in an atmosphere of darkness where sin and deception do their best growth. Our enemy’s hope is that we will keep our insecurities in darkness. He doesn’t want us to talk about them, think about them, or share them with others. Why do you think he tries so hard to make us feel insecure? So we’ll keep our mouth shut and continue on like nothing needs to change.

The second step in our journey to freedom is to find scriptures that counter each of the lies you wrote down.

Think of each of these scriptures as a separate key that will unlock the chains of your lies.

If you're not familiar with the Bible or struggle to understand it, a good place to start is in Psalms.

This book in the middle of your Bible is full of astounding truths that have the power to disintegrate the strongholds in your life. When you read something that strikes a chord in your spirit, write it down. When you read a truth that leaves you with chills, it might just be the one for you to take as your own.

With practice you can rewire your brain to believe the truth instead of lies. The same power you have been giving to the lies you can now give to truth. All it takes is a willing heart to search it out and apply it to your own situation.

What could you accomplish if you were free?

Whose lives might be forever changed if you were released from fear, worry and doubt? What genius idea, creative resource, or life-giving word could be shared if you were free from the insecurities that hold you back?

When we apply God’s truths to our lives, the old lies will lose their power. It is through the consistent practice of seeking out, believing, and speaking truth to ourselves that we will find the freedom for which we are searching.

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