8 Ways to Overcome a Tough Financial Setback

Are you a woman in business who is experiencing a tough financial setback right now?

In today's video blog, I shared my own transparency for overcoming a financial setback.

I also shared 8 ways to help you get through this hard time:

  • Reclaim God's Vision for your Life and your Business
  • Stop Avoiding 
  • Address the Situation by writing down all of your numbers: Income and Expenses
  • Find a scriptural promise to stand on
  • Search out the right resources to equip you
  • Recruit a Financial support team
  • Forgive yourself for the past mistakes
  • Find your purpose in the setback

As you watch today's video, be encouraged, My Sister!

There is a breakthrough with your name on it.  

Don't quit.

You are not alone.

(Check out the video below for the full conversation)

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