Build your Financial Freedom Team

If I knew back then what I know now…well, you know how the saying goes. 

But seriously, if I had to do my business all over again, I would have started with recruiting a Financial Freedom team before Day 1.


I am 13 years later in full-time entrepreneurship and I KNOW that it would have saved me plenty of blood, sweat, tears and fears.  There’s nothing more powerful than a lesson learned though.  I finally get the importance of being connected and letting others help you.

I knew early on that my strength was not in financial “management.” However, I ignored that fact while overcompensating in other areas of business growth and development.  

I knew how to increase visibility with marketing. I knew how to get customers. I even knew how to make money.  

But what good was all of that “knowledge" if I didn’t know how to manage the money properly that came through my hands and bank account.  

Hitting the six-figure mark the first year in business was no surprise to me; however, I was building my business on a faulty foundation.

My hard work from building my empire started crumbling fast due to lack of organization and systems.  I had no plan for growth! Money came and Money went.  I was left broke, busted and disgusted.

Praise God for His grace and mercy!

These 13 years have been a roller coaster ride; yet, through it all, I never stopped doing business. 

Wow!! That has to be God’s grace and mercy. I’ve learned many valuable lessons along the way.

The most important lesson of all was:

Don’t repeat past mistakes.

Another lesson is:

When you don’t know something,

for goodness’ sake, ask for help.

Today, I’m so grateful to have my own personal team of advisers that are helping me to better myself and my business. 

Here are the members of my own Financial Freedom team:

  1. God
  2. My husband 
  3. Life Coach
  4. Accountant
  5. Sales Coach
  6. Business mentor
  7. Accountability Circle (Breakthrough friends)

Here’s a breakdown of why I chose my unique team:

  1. First and foremost - God! I used to pray to God for getting a business, but I lost the art of consulting with Him about my business when the money started pouring in. My business became my God; and, boy, was that a mistake.  After repenting and getting my priorities back in proper alignment, I realize that my business is my calling, my vocation and my ministry. It's my gift from God and what I do with it is my gift back to Him.  I can’t do anything without God's guidance and direction. 
  2. The next obvious person, my husband, is at the top of the list because he is my life partner.  I have to be able to communicate with him about finances, and I get to contribute to our home while I am running the business.  Sadly, there used to be a time that he didn’t know how much I was making in my business. I was wrong because I was withholding a part of me from the person that I vowed to share my life with. We both are in a healthier place, and we're working harder at our marriage.  It takes a lot of communication. I appreciate his support, and I also cheer for him as he pursues his career endeavors. That's what makes us a winning team.
  3. To this day, I say that God sent my life coach to me. She is a Christian Counselor/Coach, and I believe my sessions with her saved my life…literally.  The breakthroughs that I experienced contributed to my faith being restored, my marriage being reconciled, my business doubling and I started pursuing my passion of writing, speaking and coaching.  I became a life coach because I wanted to pay it forward to help other women in business wake up to their God-given purpose so they can unleash their true potential in life and in business. There are no shortages of resources to learn the nuts and bolts of business. But as women in business, we need to know it's okay to be our unique, authentic selves - boldly and confidently. That's how we are going to make a difference in this world through our businesses.
  4. My accountant has saved me thousands of dollars in taxes by keeping me abreast of the current tax trends and laws.  
  5. My sales coach stays on me about making sure that I am doing what it takes to stay profitable in my businesses.  She teaches me systems and strategies to work smarter not harder.  My business is not a hobby.  I am supposed to make money. 
  6. My business mentor just gets me. She’s an older, wiser woman in business who has been down this road a little longer than me.  She shares her nuggets of wisdom. She is one of a few people that I call mentor…and I don’t say that lightly.
  7. And lastly - my Breakthrough Friends.  I have a core group of peer accountability friends.  Everyone just needs a good peer support team that won’t judge you, doesn't mind celebrating with you,  and always challenges you to be YOU!

Do you have a Financial Freedom team?

Pray about who you can recruit to help you in your journey in 2017.

Yes, pray about it!

Ask God to show you people that can walk with you, sharpen you and be there for you.

In an earlier post, I talked about overcoming a tough financial setback. I am extremely grateful for this dream team of support because they have helped and currently helping see what's always been possible in my life and in my businesses.

Please...please, don't feel like you have to duplicate my list. I only share to give you hope for what's possible when you let others in.

Start where you are.

Start small!


My biggest lesson of all:  

Don't suffer in silence another day!!

Freedom is yours for the taking!