Do you want to be Debt Free?

Happy Friday!

Today, I am turning the tide to focus on the dirty D word: Debt.

In the business community, I hear a lot of talk about Working Hard and Making Money. My big concern is with all the efforts to make money, let's not forget that we have to learn how to Manage Money as well. Part of managing money means organizing our finances and learning how to control and eliminate debt where necessary.

I have learned through the School of Experience, the way you manage your household money is a good indicator for how you will handle your business money.

If this is a sore spot for you, I encourage you to stop avoiding and start addressing your financial situation.  Working harder is not your only solution.  Making more money only exposed my real heart issues.  Don't get me wrong:  I believe God wants us prosperous...but I don't believe He wants us to be in bondage to money.

I'm going to take time to really address this in the coming week about Financial Management. 


This is a HUGE part of Financial Freedom.

In the meantime, here are some nuggets of wisdom to share:

  • Pray and ask God for wisdom concerning your finances
  • Before you set out to make MORE money, get a really good system for managing the money you already have coming in first!
  • Write down all of your expenses.
  • Document all sources of income.

These are FIRST steps....

Additional nuggets:

  • If you have a job, don't despise your job. - Your job is your BEST investor right now.
  • Never ever despise humble beginnings! - Everybody who ever did anything had to start small!

That's all for now.  

There's more to come as we embrace Financial Freedom this year.

When we can get a grasp of our finances as entrepreneurs, I believe that it positions us to become the true Change Agents that God desires in our community and our world.

Have a GREAT Friday, and let's keep the conversation going. 

Feel free to respond and let me know, was this helpful to you?