Multiple Streams of Income: Just Write!


We’ve talked about Healing, Vision, Hope, and a little Strategy; but I bet you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting on this next section of our Financial Freedom series - Multiple Streams of Income!

First, here’s a quick review for this Financial Freedom series:

How will you use all of the previous building blocks to start manifesting prosperity in your life and your business?

We don’t have to tip toe around this conversation. Prosperity is not a dirty word.  Prosperity is also not just about money alone.  

In fact, God wants us to live prosperous lives. Who else will He be able to trust on the Earth to build His kingdom???  

Even Jesus said, “I came to give you life and life more abundantly.”  That does include finances.

So my friend, there are many, many ways to create multiple streams of income in your life. I will share three in this series: Writing, Speaking and Coaching. 

Let’s dive into writing, shall we?

  • Step 5: Prosperity - Creating Multiple Streams of Income
    • Writing

I mentioned last week that in the 6th grade I won a writer’s workshop from an essay that I wrote called, “The Enchilada that ate Pueblo.” I loved writing. I loved how it made me feel, and I loved the affect that my stories had on others. I didn’t understand it back then but writing has the ability to transform through words.  I thought for sure that I would go on to college to major in journalism or something similar because I was convinced writing was my dream.

I got distracted and life took a toll.

Fortunately, I was reminded of the passion when my Don’t Limit Me transformation happened in my life. 

So far I have written 3 books (yes, 3…the first one - I hardly mentioned - was a poetry compilation between my sister and myself).

Just Write!

Recently, I had a guest speaker for my WomenCONNECT Success Club, Kimberly Sharkey. Kimberly is a publisher and she has a movement called Arts: Just Write. She presented us with a 10-day challenge. I decided to take her up on this challenge because I believe there are MORE books in me that are ready to be unleashed.

Along with several other ladies in my WomenCONNECT Success Club, we are participating in Kimberly's Just Write challenge.  Would you like to join us and awaken your inner writer?

You can sign up for the challenge at

Once you sign up for the challenge, be sure to tell her Tasha Scott sent you.

Writing can definitely be utilized as one of your multiple streams of income. Are you in???

To help nudge you more, I'll share my prompt response to Day #1 of the writing challenge.

What came to me for Day #1 was: Awakened by Love

I want to write a pure love story. Don’t know if it will be fiction or non-fiction just yet but I desire for my next book to awaken the readers to His Love! God’s Love! I want readers to walk away knowing that there is absolutely no substitute for this kind of love that we all long for - no amount of success, no relationship, no thing. I want the reader to know beyond all circumstances - good or bad - that they are deeply and uniquely loved by our creator. Nothing in their life took God by surprise. He didn’t cause the negativity, but He has never abandoned. I want the reader to know that it’s okay to learn to trust Him (again or for the first time) with the fragments of their life. He still has a plan for restoration. Above all - His love is powerful enough to awaken what the reader thought was dead, comatose or beyond recovery. They will feel with every fiber of their being that He is awakening within them hope, purpose and destiny to a life beyond the simple imaginations.

I want the readers of my next book to read the book, see themselves as the main character and be Awakened by Love!!!!

My friend, is it your time to Just Write?!?!?

I hope to see you inside the challenge!