[CASE STUDY] Monchel sold 132 books after overcoming fear

Monchel Hollins reached out to me for coaching to help with direction and clarity concerning her business dreams.  We had a few sessions and the results were phenomenal. Monchel reconnected with her lifelong dream to write her first book.

Like most of us, she battled fear of time, money and strategy. But nevertheless, she pushed through the obstacles.  What I loved about her drive is she came to me teachable, ready to listen and ready to take action.

In addition to watching my webinar: Girl, Birth your Book Now, Monchel signed up for one-on-one coaching.  During our time together, I challenged her mindset and gave her some simple strategies to birth her book.

Hear Monchel in her own words:

I reached out to Tasha because I’m a woman of faith. I believe wholeheartedly that as businesswoman we must incorporate Biblical aspects in order to maintain order in our families. So many business owners try to leave out the Word so they don’t offend anyone. They think if they mention or make reference to their God, they won’t get any clients but you removed that myth.
— Monchel Hollins

I'm super excited to showcase the fruit of Monchel's labor: Her book, Education Saved My Life

She stepped out there. She did the hard work AND one day someone bought 132 copies...Boom!!! 

I loved watching Monchel wake up to the gifts that were already in her.  She just needed a safe place, a strong push and simple strategies to birth her book and embrace her dreams.

Are you ready to connect with your God-given purpose and unleash your true potential?

I would love to help you in the same way by offering you a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute Strategy Session. What are you ready to give birth to now to help take your life and your business to the next level?