How Can I Just Let Go and Move Forward


Recently I was speaking on the topic of Maximizing Your Existence. An audience member asked the question: How can I just let go and move forward?

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Season 2018 | Episode 2

How Can I Just Let Go and Move Forward?

(You don't have to suffer in silence another day.)

How do you just let go? That was a question that I got today when I went to speak to a local organization on the subject of how to press past your own limitations. The audience member wanted to know, "Tasha, how do you just let go when it comes to maximizing your existence?"

And I had to be honest, I didn't do it by myself.

I shared a story right before I turned 40 where I literally got stuck. I got to a place where it felt like everything in my life was falling apart:  my marriage, my finances, my faith. I was questioning and doubting everything. I was on the brink of just giving everything up. And for me, I had to get help. I was so stuck. I didn't know how to just move forward. I didn't know how to just press through. Even when people would say, "Just pray about it, Tasha," that almost felt like an insult.

Now, side note here:  I do believe in the power of prayer.  I really do. But when you get to a place where you feel so defeated, you feel so depressed, and you just want a way out, sometimes even the simplest things or the most practical things can feel like such a weight and such a burden, and that's where I was. It was not so easy for me just to let it go. I got help.

For me, help came in the form of a counselor/life coach. We actually had sessions for six months. My life coach/counselor was in another state from me, so we actually had phone calls that we did every other week. Each session that we had, she literally dug deep into the depth of my being. She would ask me questions. She would challenge me. But more than anything, she patiently walked me through from that place of stuckness to a place of freedom.

So how do you just let it go? 

As much as I want to say, "Just do it," or, "Just pray about it," or just whatever, the reality is that sometimes we do need help outside of ourselves. Sometimes it may not be in our normal family or our normal friends. I actually had to reach outside of my own circle. In a way, it actually felt comforting that I had somebody that didn't know me. I had somebody that didn't have any emotional connections to me whatsoever. I needed somebody who wasn't so emotionally invested in whatever my outcome became.

I just challenge you today, as I am diving into episode two, I've just kind of started talking already, and our topic today is about suffering in silence and how can you live past the pain. How can you live past the limitations? How can you keep going? There's only one answer that I could tell you today, Y'all, is that I could not do it by myself.

Now, the cool thing is this person that helps me, this life coach/counselor, we share the same faith. We share the same core values. At the end of it all, she literally did help me to get back on track. My faith was restored. My marriage ended up getting back on track. My finances, everything started turning around. I really believed that this woman a God-send. I really believe that, even with people of faith, that it helps to have people that we can see, that we can touch. I believe God designed it that way.

But to answer this women's question, "How do you let it go?" my answer is sometimes you're going to need help to get past those areas of stuckness. You're going to need help to overcome. I'm just so grateful. I am extremely grateful that I did not let pride stop me from asking.

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How did this encourage you today? 

And if you are one of those people that I'm talking to that you need to go get help, I am a life coach, but maybe you need a recommendation for a counselor. There is a difference, and I’ll probably talk about that later on. 

But whatever it is, do not beat yourself up over the fact that you're stuck. 

Please, whatever you do, reach outside of you and go get help. 

Thank you for listening today.