How Successful People Grow in Life and in Business

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Episode 2018 - 004
How Successful People Grow in Life and in Business

Today's episode is dedicated to my dad who just completed his doctorate degree. I hope this encourages everyone who has ever felt like it was too late for them or they missed their time. It's NOT too late for you, my friend. Tune in and be sure to leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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Well, hello, everyone. Welcome back to Episode 4 of Your Success Connector. My name is Tasha M. Scott. I'm a motivational speaker, trainer, and coach and I am passionate about helping leaders to transform their lives and their businesses.

This month, we've been focusing on reinventing yourself for the new year and I want to dedicate this episode to a person who I feel like has definitely done that and that is my own Dad. Today, at the time that I'm recording this, he literally just graduated from college with - drum roll, please - his doctorate degree

I hear people all the time in the line of work that I'm doing, tell me things like, Tasha, it's too late for me or I've missed my window of opportunity or I wish that I could be further along than where I am or all of these different things and can I just tell y'all in just one statement, it is never too late. Do you hear me? It is never too late. 

My Dad is in his 60's. He literally is a great example and a great role model in this, so, Dad if you're listening to this, congratulations. Good for you for going after something that your heart, your mind, everything wanted and you did it. 

Now, he is actually, Dr. Johnny B. McDonald. Woo hoo! That is my Dad, y'all. Again, I want to  dedicate this episode to him because it literally falls in line with the theme of this month and that is, Reinventing Yourself for the New Year and I wanna talk about that issue of people saying it's too late for me or I should be further along or I missed my window of opportunity. 

If that is you sitting here on the other side of this listening, I need you to lean in and I need you to understand, it is not too late. You can be successful. You can still be the things that you dreamed about. You can still. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can stop you like you can.

I wanna talk about how do successful people grow? There's some principles with this. Success, I always say, is relative to the person in their individual lives and circumstances, but, there's some principles that I'm sure you would agree with me that if you wanna progress, from one stage of life to the next, these are some things to keep in mind.

Number 1: Believe in yourself.

Again, nobody can stop you like you can. I even wrote a book called, Don't Limit Me and the title of that book actually came from me looking myself in the mirror one day and saying, Tasha, don't limit me because I had this aha moment that nobody could hold me back. I'm the only person that can, so again, believe in yourself. Don't sit back and wait for the circumstances to be perfect. Don't sit back and wait for validation. You got this. Believe in yourself. Believe in you. Pick up that dream. Go for it. It's in you.

Number 2:  Get used to stretching yourself.

How successful people grow and by the way, this is literally nuggets taken from a book taken by John Maxwell. Get used to stretching yourself. Don't ever get in a place where you feel like you've arrived or you feel like there's no more. Get used to being uncomfortable. Get use to it if you're going to progress from one stage to the next.

The next nugget, Number 3: Turn negatives into positives.

I literally can sit down and tell you all the reasons why I can't. I can tell you all the excuses why I shouldn't do what I'm doing. Why I shouldn't have what I have, because, let's be honest we've all had obstacles. We've all had circumstances, negativity that we've had to overcome. All of us. Some of us may still some have things that we're wrestling with right now, but, what I've determined in life, what you can determine in life is that for every negative thing that happened in our life that we can choose to turn it into a platform and I'm not saying that all of us are gonna be on stages or anything like that, but, it literally can be the stepping stone or the foundation that turns into something positive.

It might not have been good what happened to me. It may not have been good, but, doggonit and I said doggonit. Doggonit, it's gonna turn into something good and that is something that I choose to believe. That ties number one with believing in yourself. I choose to believe that what happened to me in the past that was negative, it does not have the right. It doesn't have the power to define who I am and where I'm going.

I choose to turn negatives into positives.  That's how you're gonna grow and progress from one stage of life to the next.

Number 4 -  and I say this all the time: Everybody needs a good mentor.

Everybody. Now, here's the thing. Somebody that wrote a book could be your mentor like I talk about John Maxwell all the time. I'm a John Maxwell team member. I loved recently reading the book by T.D. Jakes, I consider him a mentor. 

People who have been there, who have gone before me, who have succeeded in an area. I consider them mentors. I don't wanna be them. You know what I'm saying, I don't wanna be them. I wanna be me, but, everybody needs a good mentor and there's some people that you do need in the flesh that you're talking to, that are pushing you. You need coaches. Some of you have mentors and maybe you need to step up to the next level and surround yourself with some good coaches and good accountability. People that will push you out of your comfort zone. We all need that and there's nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with having people that can challenge your mindset, so again, so that you can progress from one stage of life to the next.

The fifth thing is after you believe in yourself you get used to stretching yourself you learn how to turn the negatives into the positives and you find a good mentor, I always say that:

Now, we actually have a responsibility to help others reach their potential.

That's the way that we keep this whole growth thing going. That's the way that we stay fresh. That's the way we stay relevant and growing from one stage of life to the next.

Today, well, this month we were talking about Reinventing Yourself for the New Year and I gave a shout out to my Dad who, literally, just graduated from Walden University with his doctorate degree and I was talking about how it's never too late. It is never, ever too late for you to dream, for you to become, for you to succeed. It is never too late.

I just want to recap this real quick.

  • Believe in yourself
  • Get used to stretching yourself
  • Turn your negatives into positives
  • Find a good mentor
  • and then Help others reach your potential.

This is not an inclusive list of everything, but, this is how successful people grow. This is how people, no matter what their past, no matter what their backgrounds were, I guess, we could all agree that these are some things. This is not everything, but, these are some things to help us progress from one stage of life to the next, so, that at no point in time would we ever say that we're stuck.

Do you hear me? Not one point in time. I just mentioned I wrote this book called, Don't Limit Me. I literally had to look myself in the mirror one day and a lot of me getting to that place was the things I listed here. I had to get to a place where what I said, don't limit me, it was because I had to choose to believe in myself again. I had to choose to stretch myself. I had to choose to come up out of the negative pit, the negative situation that I was in and I'm not talking about perfection 'cause there's some stuff that's still broken. It's still broke. But, I'm not broken. Do you see the difference?

I had a great mentor. I had great coaches that helped me and once I gained that freedom. Once I started making some shifts and gave me momentum in my life, I wanted to turn around and help others and to this day, to this day I believe that a lot of the progress that I'm making it's in those things, but, especially in being able to turn around and help somebody else.

All of us can be effective. All of us may not be where we wanna be, but, there is one area or a few areas in your life that you are successful. That you can start today right where you are, where you can turn around and help somebody else. That person may look like an earlier version of you, but, it's possible, y'all. It's possible for us to be successful in 2018. It is possible. Do you hear me? I just want you to say it. Say it out of your mouth. It is possible. I can be successful. 

Some of y'all may need to look yourselves in the mirror. You may need to tell yourself that and tell yourself that often. It is possible and it's not about somebody else's journey, it's not about what your neighbor's doing, it's not about what anybody else is doing. Do you believe that it is possible? 

I'm gonna end right there. The book that I was referring to was by John C. Maxwell. How Successful People Grow and I'll also mention my book, Don't Limit Me. If you want a copy of the book it's on Amazon. It's Don't Limit Me, giving yourself permission to live the life of your dreams. It is on my website and I am on a mission. You hear me? I'm on a mission, all-out war to help people, leaders especially, even leaders in the making to transform their lives and today's topic is a great start. This is how you can grow. This is how you can succeed and reinvent yourself in 2018. Thank you so much for tuning in and I'll see in the next episode. Signing off. Your success connector. Bye.

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