Do you Believe that You're the One?

Episode 2018 - 007

Do you Believe that You're the One?

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In today's episode: When it comes to our callings, our dreams, our visions, God is not really going to give us the next step of instructions until we've been faithful over what he's already given us. Do you "really" believe that you're the one that He's chosen?

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 Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Your Success Connector. It's Friday at the time that I'm recording this and, wow, I am ending this week on a good note. I just had a phone call with a new friend who really, I'm going to use her word, recharged my mindset around some things, and I just had to share it with you today. One of the things that she shared, she shared her personal experience but everything she was saying, I really just ... Everything in me just leaped on the inside. She said, "Sometimes when it comes to our callings, our dreams, our visions, that God is not really going to give us the next step of instructions, next set of instructions I should say. He won't give us the next set of instructions until we've been faithful over what he's already given us." 

How many of us have been so guilty where we've been complaining about things taking too long or maybe even wallowed in discouragement because the thing just hasn't jumped off, or we haven't seen with our physical eye the manifestation of things like we would like to? It doesn't mean that it's not working. How many of you have ever seen the picture of the plants where underneath the ground are roots that are growing, but on top it may not be alive, but something is happening? That's exactly how it is with our dreams, with our visions, with the journeys that we've been given. Something is always happening.

That's what my friend reminded me today that something is always happening and that God, at the end of the day, wants us to believe him. He wants us to believe his promises, not get discouraged by what we think we don't see, but stay faithful, stay faithful even ... Can I just be honest? Even when it gets hard, even when our feelings betray us and we feel discouraged, we feel overwhelmed. God is saying, "Just believe me. Trust me. Know that I have you, know that you're probably exactly where you need to be. You're being sharp and you're being groomed. You're growing."

I needed to be reminded of that today, and I wanted to just remind somebody who's on the other side of this podcast, and you may be feeling just blah. You may be feeling like do I keep going on or do I give this up? Only because you don't feel like you see something happening. Something else that she said that just, wow, just arrested me in my tracks, she said, "God wants us to believe and be convinced that we're able and that we're capable of doing something." Oh, my goodness. How many times have we sat back and waited on validation from the outside? How many times, I can't tell you, I've got both hands raised, that I've sat on something only because I didn't have anybody to come and say, "Tasha, that's good. That's great, Tasha. Keep going."

There comes a time in our journeys when we're growing to new levels and new heights that God is saying, "I need you to be the one to believe. I need you to be convinced that this is possible. I've given my word. I've given my promise. I've even planted the seed on the inside of you." There is nobody else that's going to be coming around. If you're waiting on them, they're not coming. They're not going to say anything, even the ones closest to you because sometimes when we reach higher heights and we're standing at the door of our next level, God is saying, "I need you, you, the one who is the carrier of that vision, the one who's the carrier of that dream. I need you to be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are that one and it is possible."

When my new friend shared those words with me today, y'all, everything in me stood to attention. I didn't know if I should shout or cry, but it resonated with me. Do these words resonate with you today? Have you been guilty of wallowing in your feelings or sitting back waiting on validation secretly? My friend, will join you me? Will you just make a decision, make a declaration? I am the one that God has called to do this. I am the one that he has equipped, he is equipping, he is still grooming me and yet I am still the one, I am still that woman with the dream that doesn't look like anything or anybody else. It is still possible for me to be the manifestation of God's purpose and his plan right now in this moment, in this season, in this time on the earth.

I challenge you, just as hard as I'm challenging myself today, to look at those areas of your life where you realize, you know what? I haven't really shown up like I should. I've been doing certain things and I've been coasting along and I've been getting by, but I know there's more in me. I haven't really shown up full force like I could because part of me hasn't been fully convinced that I'm the one. I'm telling on myself, I'm challenging myself as I'm hopefully challenging and encouraging you today. Y'all, let's go all in. Let's stop playing around and flirting with doubts and discouragement and allowing fear to talk us out of the very person that God himself has equipped and called us to be. 

If you've gotten anything out of what I shared today, I would love for you to comment however you're listening to this whether it's on iTunes, whether it's on my website or maybe just go over to Facebook. My handle is @coachtashascott or shoot me an email at Let me know did this resonate with you today? Was this something that you needed to hear to be reminded of? 

I want to give a big shout out to my friend Nicole Simmons. Thank you for our phone call today because, my goodness, you did help recharge me, and I'm passing it on to others. I am all in on being who God has called me to be. I pray the same for you, my friends. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of Your Success Connector. Until the next time. Be all in. Be all you. Go strong. No holding back. Take care. Bye.