Are you Running from Your TRUE Calling?

I’m back! Back from vacation, back from a time of rest and retreat with the family! Back to who I feel like God has called me to be when I started my journey as an Author, Speaker, Coach.

I have to admit, it has taken me two years to finally get the courage to own my original dream! When I wrote my book, Don’t Limit Me! - it was birthed out of my own pain and circumstances as a woman in business. Don’t Limit Me was a very candid look into the transparent journey of giving myself permission to truly live. But like some of you, I have constantly been distracted from my why! You know, I have changed my title sooooo many times, just trying to answer the question: Who am I?

I went from Certified Life Coach to Personal Development Coach to Book Yourself Solid Coach to Leadership Coach to Life and Business Coach…only to come full circle to say, “You know what…I’m a Certified Life Coach for Women in Business.” Done! 

I discovered in the process of my own pain that I am extremely passionate about helping women in business discover how to use their personal/spiritual development as the REAL foundation to grow their business. But the lines were blurred on the how. How would I help this woman in business in HER business; knowing that life played a major role?

Literally, as I dug deeper….AND deeper…I realize that it was and has always been to empower women entrepreneurs to strengthen their faith and their family, WHILE they build a profitable business.  

My problem was failure to OWN this is who I am and this is what I do!!

Somehow, I got so caught up in the hype of business coaching, especially in the online arena, that I was on the verge of forgetting that everything about what I do requires myself and other women in business to dig deeper into the inside BEFORE we can even address the outer works. IF we can get our foundations right…business WILL grow!!!!


One of my coaches, Michael Port, even says, “Business problems are personal problems in disguise.” Thank God for coaches, mentors and accountability partners that help you to see what we can’t see.

I am tired of running from the very thing that makes me come alive every time I get on a stage to speak or in a coaching session with a client.  

I LOVE women in business!

I love when a woman can snatch her power back from fear and shame and takes a stand to OWN who she is called to be, WITHOUT compromising her faith or her family in the process.  I can’t separate faith and family from the vision.  That’s what makes me come alive!! Strengthening my own Faith and fighting for my Family was the exact foundation that helped my own business to DOUBLE!

So how do you know if you’re running from your calling? Because nothing else will fit. You can try to take on titles and roles in order to fill a gap or a void in your life, but absolutely nothing will make you come ALIVE like doing something that you would do ALL DAY, EVERY DAY - even if you didn’t get paid to do it.  That’s a true calling.

The only way that you will even begin to discover your calling is if you step out and do something. The more you do, the more clarity will come.

It has taken me two years in this journey of Author, Speaker, Coach to understand THIS IS ME!!

Will it take you that long?


Probably Less....Maybe More!

Who knows!?! All of us are unique.

The point is….start where you are with what you have. Pray and ask God for guidance each step of the way! The more you embrace the journey, the more understanding you’ll receive along the way!

Get outside help in the form of a coach, mentor or accountability partner (or all 3) - By the way, I would LOVE to help!!! (just ask me)

Will there be times that you miss it? You can count on it.

There is no failure in trying!  None whatsoever! The only failure is when you fail to try!

So, my friend, I challenge you…Stop running, Start embracing! When you embrace the possibilities, you are one step closer to Maximizing YOU!!! 

Question: Where do you need to stop hiding and start embracing?

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