How Committed are You to Your Success in 2017?


(I posted this recently in my WomenCONNECT Success Club and wanted to share with you)

Making a decision to be successful can be hard and, let's face it, downright scary and frustrating at times.

It requires you to face truths about yourself that you secretly wanted to keep hidden because exposure was/is more painful than comfort, it seems. There are days where avoidance is a greater temptation than commitment because, let's be honest, real commitment costs you everything.


If we are ever going to achieve any level of freedom, we have to be willing to embrace and eventually accept the cost of commitment.


Do we really know what we are committing to?
Do we know who we are committing to?

The greatest commitments you could ever make are to: God and to yourself.

You want to make a difference!
You realize that growth requires change!

The only way we will get there is...commitment.

The journey was never about perfection.
The journey was meant for our progress.

In January...

I am committed to stop the avoidance that only fuels doubt, fear and shame.

I am committed to 21 days of Prayer with my church and growing more spiritually.

I am committed to taking responsibility for my health, including habits that affect my food, my sleep, my exercise, and my mental health.

I am committed to communicating with my husband and daughter more and supporting them in return.

I am committed to asking for help where needed.

I am committed to serving others more.

I am committed to taking responsibility for my financial freedom, which means knowing my numbers so I KNOW how much income I need to bring into my home and my business.

I am committed to do the work that is required to share my gifts with the world because to hold myself back is selfishness when God has equipped me with more.

I am committed to show up!!

I AM committed!!!

What are you going to commit to THIS MONTH?

Feel free to post below.

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