Inconsistent, Distracted, Disconnected?!?

By Tasha M Scott

Is there an area of your life where you have been struggling unnecessarily with inconsistency, distraction and disconnection?

You've tried everything in your power to break free and you still feel stuck. You even notice that your business is taking a direct hit due to this onslaught.

I hear you! I get it.  Believe me I do!

I’ll be honest…I have felt the struggle in my own life. There are four key areas that I felt the greatest attack consistently during the lifetime of my 15-year entrepreneurial journey:

·         Mindset

·         Marriage

·         Finances

·         Health

I wish I could tell you that the attacks are a thing of the past…even this year, my mindset was attack and I experienced a “crazy” episode of identity crises – trying to understand who I am and what I do. 

But that’s not the end of the story.  There’s hope, my friend!

Our temporary struggles don’t define us and they don’t have the power to destroy us. In fact, quite the opposite is true for change agents like you and I.

I believe that if we don’t quit, if we embrace our God-given identity, take back our authority and own our responsibility, we can still experience victory – God’s ultimate plan to maximize our purpose and potential.

We are called to be so much more than inconsistent, distracted or disconnected. We are called to be change agents.

God’s calling to change agents often includes hardships, testing, a crisis of belie, failure, and grace – all mixed into a life that made an impact. That is part of every change agent’s journey.
— Os Hillman, Author of Change Agent

The struggles are only a part…not the whole story.

As I reflected over my marriage – one of the areas of my greatest attacks -  I know the power of being healed and restored.  God’s plan for restoration far outweighs the “hell” we went through. I keep thinking – “Wow! God, you did it.  You really restored our marriage – the same marriage that I was ready to throw in the towel because it was too painful to hurt for anything more than what I was seeing.”

My personal setbacks have no power over the victorious outcome that I’m still walking out. GOD did come through.

I am also reminded that if God can heal one area of my life, he can restore EVERY area of my life.

Do I believe? That’s the real question.

After hearing from so many of you and reflecting on my own journey, I decided this week that it’s time to take action. God has done His part. He has given His promise.

I will exercise my faith and believe!

I wrote this declaration for you and I as an example that we do have a God-given authority to be more than inconsistent, distracted or disconnected.  We are not victims and we are not finished! There IS something we can do – even if the only thing we know to do right now is BELIEVE. That’s a great start!!!

I challenge you to think over your life. What you thought was procrastination all this time, may have just been a very personal, spiritual attack that you had the authority to address so you could get back aligned with your true vision – God’s ultimate vision.

QUESTION:  What are those areas that you are ready to snatch back from inconsistency, distraction and disconnection?

Feel free to use the following as an example. In addition, find your scripture promises that you can hold on to as you write your own powerful declaration.

It. Is. Time. For Action, My Sister.

Pick one area at a time and write your bold declaration for freedom!

Are you ready???

My Declaration Over Finances

 I declare:

I will not avoid
I will not fear
I will not accept what is

I am facing it head on
I will not operate in my own strength

I will pick up my authority and speak to this mountain

I will take responsibility
I will listen to the Holy Spirit, I will shut out all other voices that are not in alignment with the only voice that matters

I will act in obedience when He says act

I will give when He prompts me to give

I will say no and not apologize when He says no

I will not shrink back in shame.

I will walk through His open doors as He leads

I declare money is not my master...neither is lack of money or any perceived threat from the enemy

I believe that my Daddy provides because He says so...and just because He said so, I believe Him.

God is and always has been in control

He EVEN promised that He would restore all the ruined places in my life. I am not bankruptcy. I am not my bank account. (Ezekiel 36:36)

If God can turn my broken marriage around, I believe He will do it in other areas of my life as well.

I am Her already because I am His!!! And He's not through with me yet!!

So…that’s my truth!

YOUR TURN:  What is the area that God is saying Stop Hiding! Start Embracing! Start Maximizing Your Existence!

Write your declaration and break free from the bondage of Inconsistency, Distraction and Disconnection so you can make a difference in your life…and your business!

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