Marriage, Business and Happiness?!?!?

Is it possible to be a successful entrepreneur and happily married?

I believe it is more than possible! But I have to be honest and tell you the whole story to back up my strong opinion. It’s going to take work from both spouses to make your marriage work and lots of it.

I’ve been married for 18 years and a full-time entrepreneur for almost 15 of those years.  A lot has happened between those years; some good, some bad. There has been several times where I wanted to throw in the towel on both. But, we are still married; and I still have my business. In fact, I have two businesses now.  I am still standing (with a few battle scars that I’ve collected along the way).

Are we perfect? Absolutely, Not! Do we fight? Duh?!? 

I also consider myself a successful, growing entrepreneur. One business is in a maintenance stage, while the other is in a growth stage; and they both are fulfilling me for different reasons.

I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, Tasha, but are you happy.” YES! Yes, I am!! :) But here’s why, it’s not because of my husband or my businesses.

The real truth: My husband can’t make me happy nor can my businesses make me successful. If they did, what would happen if either or both disappeared?

When I finally got that revelation, my whole world changed!! Literally!

I talk about this in my book, Don’t Limit Me! I learned along the way that I can only change me. I can only take responsibility for my part. I realized that I actually do have a choice. I don’t have to stay stuck or stagnant in my marriage or my businesses. I can be happy and significantly successful. Every day I have to keep making choices through my actions and words. Also, I can’t be afraid to address challenges as they come and not allow them to pile up due to fear or avoidance.

If we’re really honest, then we can actually say, “Happiness is a state of mind, anyway.”

There are a few more practical lessons that I’ve learned along the way in order for marriage and business to coexist.

1.       Prayer!

2.       Connection!

a.       God

b.      Myself

c.       My Spouse

d.      Others

3.       Commitment!

4.       Respect!

5.       Communication!

a.       Listening

b.      Talking

6.       Vision! You both need a Vision that comes from God’s ultimate vision:

a.       God has a plan for the husband

b.      God has a plan for the wife

c.       God has a plan for your marriage

d.      God has a plan for your family

7.       Fun!

a.       Date Time – just the two of you

b.      Fun with other couples, with shared values

c.       Fun with the kids

8.       Time alone! – I LOVE going to the movies in the middle of the day when everyone’s at work/school (shhh…that’s our little secret)

9.       Work hard! – I learned that no one will outwork me on my own dream.

10.   Pray more!! – This is on the list twice on purpose!!

Please understand, every marriage and business is different, but there’s one fact that remains for all of us: Your Power to Choose!

So can marriage, business and happiness coexist successfully?

My opinion: With God, yes! 

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