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The value of focusing on others!

Episode 019-The value of focusing on others!

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[SPECIAL INTERVIEW BY WORTHYTV] How to Maximize Your Existence

By Mimika Cooney

As a young girl with her first paper route, Tasha M. Scott knew that she was destined to be an entrepreneur.

Over the course of a few years, Tasha created several successful businesses, earning six figure incomes.  A self proclaimed “public success but a private mess”  she always felt that there was a huge disconnect between her personal and professional lives. This disconnect ultimately brought about bankruptcy and strained relationships.

It wasn’t until after Tasha got honest with...[READ MORE]

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Will I Ever Be HER?

Do you ever get tired of not getting “it” right?

Let me be more specific….You have an idea for your business. You don’t trust your own instinct or creativity so you feel “led” to run that idea by someone else. They don’t get as excited as you expected. They tell you everything you need to do to improve. They don't applaud you for your audacious effort of...

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