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Inconsistent, Distracted, Disconnected?!?

Is there an area of your life where you have been struggling unnecessarily with inconsistency, distraction and disconnection?

You've tried everything in your power to break free and you still feel stuck. You even notice that your business is taking a direct hit due to this onslaught.

I hear you! I get it.  Believe me I do!

I’ll be honest…I have felt the...

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Cultivating Connections: A Necessary Ingredient for Growth in Life and in Business

A few weeks ago, as I was sitting in a Leadership Montgomery class, I heard the instructor say that she spent close to $100,000 on Executive Coaching trying to get a grip on her procrastination issues, one of the hindrances to her growth potential. I know you’re probably thinking: 

"$100,000…say what?!?!?"

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