Three Tips to Shake the Fear Hangover

How many times have you set out to venture into deeper waters in order to accomplish a long-awaited goal or dream, only to be met by fear that you couldn’t shake?

What did you do? How many times have we screamed, “I surrender”… and then run for cover?

You are not alone! In fact, just this morning, I woke up with a fear hangover - what I call recurring fear I cannot shake.

Thankfully, I opened my devotional and this is the first thing I read from Joyce Meyer’s, "The Confident Woman":

Just because ordinary people take steps to accomplish extraordinary things does not mean that they do not feel fear...Fear does not mean that you are a coward. It only means that you need to be willing to feel the fear and do what you need to do anyway.

Wow.  I NEEDED that because I often feel the fear! An unwelcome fear hangover is not uncommon some mornings. (I told you, you are not alone.)

I have been guilty of waving my little white flag so many times in life, giving up when it was too hard, too easy or because I was just plain ‘ol lazy and didn’t want to try. I have used every excuse in the book; my favorite…”it’s their fault”.  (This was all before my “Don’t Limit Me” revelation…of course!”) Ha ha!

But this year, 2014, I am making a different declaration. Will you join me?

What is THE dream in your heart that you’ve been longing to come to pass? How many times have you picked it up, looked at it, and contemplated it only to put it back on the shelf and say, “One day.”

My friend, are you comfortable living with that gnawing dissatisfaction that says, if I don’t accomplish this dream, I feel like a part of me will always be missing…dare I say, dying?

I think it’s time that we got out of our own way - for good, this time.

  • Let’s muster up all the courage we can
  • Take that dream off the shelf
  • Brush away the dust and cobwebs
  • And this time, as insurance, we’ll burn the shelf so we can’t go back.

Come on! Let’s move forward together…fear and all!

“But,” you ask, “How in the world can anyone ever be comfortable with that strange feeling of fear or nursing a fear hangover?”

Here’s the key:

You just have to keep going and eventually the fear turns into strength. It turns into an inner confidence that is no longer a stumbling block but a stepping stool.

Did you just have an Aha! moment?

That’s why Joyce Meyer says in her book, Feel the Fear:

…If used properly, fear can be your motivator. If you keep moving, you’ll want to move faster so you can shake that stinking fear off of you.

Trust me, I know that this is accurate from personal experience! There truly is a sweet reward on the other side.

Three tips to shake the fear hangover and seal the deal:

  • Write your vision down on paper.
  • Find a mentor or a coach who can serve as an accountability partner to help you in your beginning steps toward your dreams
  • Make the first step (small steps count)

Go You! I know that you can do it – because I have!

QUESTION: Which of the three tips will you apply today?

I would love to hear your feedback.