Why Is Progress Taking So Long?

Allow me to introduce you to the 3-C Formula complete with the guarantee that you will never get ahead in life:

  • Compare
  • Complain
  • Criticize

Nope, this is not a typo and you do not have to adjust your screen. This blog is all about three ways to ensure that you will either stop or delay your progress in becoming the woman you dream of being.

In this world of promoting so many formulas for success, have you ever stopped to wonder why personal progression in certain areas of your life seems to be taking its own sweet time.

I can personally tell you that there are some sure-fire ways to ensure that the very success you seek will either be delayed - or denied. Am I saying that you'll never get ahead? NO! (I am not that daring.) But I do know this, where there is unhealthy comparison, complaining, and criticizing, you will find an unhappy person not too far behind.

Question: Are you happy today?

It is a known fact that when you are unhappy with yourself, it is harder to be happy with and for others. You probably often see the bad or negative in circumstances and surroundings. I’m not here to put fear in your heart, but I am here to warn you of the dangers of the 3-C Formula and offer you possible solutions for overcoming your underlying unhappiness.

The good news is that there is something that YOU can do about becoming free of the 3-Cs!

Let’s take a look at each component of the 3-C Formula and the easy-to-use solutions guaranteed to position you to get ahead in life.


When we look at others and compare ourselves to them, it is a good way to feed personal insecurity and feelings of inadequacy - and a bad way to view others and ourselves. The truth is we will never be another person.

Solution: Embrace your own truth. Learn to love the whole you. Appreciate your strengths and your weaknesses because they all make the total you. You are unique and one of a kind. You rob the world of a special gift when you deny who you really are.


Complaining keeps you in a negative place. You only see the bad and nine times out of ten, your complaining leads to destructive murmuring and gossip. The problem with complaining is that it never leads to real, genuine solutions. Let's face it, misery loves company!

Solution: Stop being negative. Seriously stop it! When you give up negativity, it is an instant stress reliever and confidence builder. Speaking positive words will boost your mood and help you to stop thinking, feeling, and being miserable.


Critical people are critical for a variety of reasons. I would venture to say that the root of being critical of others is nearly always unhappiness and insecurity in ourselves. A happy person wants to spread happiness and joy. An unhappy person wants to tear down others in an effort to make themselves feel good for feeling so bad in the first place.

Solution: When you hear criticism of others, remember that the source will eventually be critical of you as well, (if it hasn't happened already). Instead, choose to be the source of hope and inspiration - right now! What you make happen for others will surely happen for you.

So, let me ask you again…are you happy?

If not...

QUESTION: What can you do today to ensure your happiness so that you can enjoy your own journey toward more progress and more success in life?