welcome to your success journey

Are you a professional or business woman who struggles with paralyzing feelings of Overwhelm, Self-Doubt and Disconnection?

Are you ready to stop stalling on your goals and learn simple strategies to take YOUR next step?

You may even be a leader who is tired of everyone applauding your mediocrity because you know there’s more potential in you than what others can see!

I assure you that you don't have to suffer in silence!!!

Your professional or business breakthrough is more than possible through your own personal growth!

As a life and executive coach, I provide a safe place for professional or business women to learn (or relearn) how to believe in themselves so they can successfully walk out their divine purpose through business.

Many of the women that I have coached have broken through barriers of fear to achieve:

  • Writing books

  • Booking speaking engagements

  • Hosting their own events

  • Starting blogs

  • Getting crystal clear on personal and business goals

  • Gaining new clients

  • Increasing productivity amongst the leader and team members

  • ...and so much more.

What will getting unstuck from Overwhelm, Self-Doubt and Disconnection produce for you?

What potential is waiting to be unleashed, if you just had the right kind of help?

If you are interested in learning more, please accept my COMPLIMENTARY, 15-minute "Get Unstuck" Clarity Call by following this link:

This call will help you to experience my coaching style and determine how I can help you to progress in achieving your specific goals - while getting unstuck!

Freedom is yours for the taking, my Friend!

Talk Soon!!

~ Coach Tasha


Coach Tasha has helped me discover and live my purpose to encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle. As a member of the WomenConnect Success Club, I continue to grow professionally and personally. The coaching support I have received has been phenomenal. Most importantly, I feel more empowered to continue to the journey and live in MY purpose every day! Thank you, Coach Tasha!
— Telena
There is a proverb that says when the student is ready the teacher appears. This is my experience with Coach Tasha Scott. I had arrived at a place in my life and business that required that I have an expert speak into my life and business. Tasha was launching a Mastermind Group that I chose to join and the rest is history so to speak. Her authenticity and transparency is refreshing as she gently guides you. Her willingness to share from her faith along with successes and failures is encouraging. I appreciate that Tasha has great insight into people that allows her to lead with humility and integrity. Her ability to take systems and translate them simply to meet clients at their point of need is a powerful strength. I have been blessed professionally and personally by this great connector. I highly recommend Coach Tasha M. Scott.
— Sherry