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Are you an influencer who needs a stronger support system than you currently have?!?!?

You’re ready to grow but you need a faith-based community of women who are not threatened by you…but honestly get you!

The Connected Women Win Growth Circle is best suited for current and aspiring influencers who are established in career/ business, who need a safe, faith-based place to grow themselves away from those they desire to serve.

You’re a woman who desperately needs to be challenged to stay true to who you are and who you’re becoming without allowing life issues or mindset challenges to distract you from following God's true path for you, personally or professionally.

You have a community of people you pour into but you know that you also need a place that is conducive to support your growth as well.

Your prayers have been answered, my friend…we get you!!

We are a community of faith-based women who feel called to thrive in leadership and beyond.

I love to empower and equip women like you to cultivate connection, embrace identity and take action so they can experience maximized success in your leadership potential, without compromising who you are!

As a woman who is gifted for leadership, you have a vision for yourself and for those you desire to serve. You are passionate about the work you are doing, and you are excited and ready to start your business. 

You’ve worked hard to become the woman you are today. It’s time to take your passions to the next level, so you can truly transition from inspiration to activation and help others along the way.



After securing your seat, you’ll have access to:

  • Full access to the Connected Women Win Community

    • Four LIVE weekly group calls via Zoom focused on mindset, leadership, personal, business mentoring and spiritual growth

    • “The Vault” of previous recordings and digital courses

    • Receive continuous mentorship and accountability as you focus on your path while bridging the gap of where you are now and where you desire to be

    • Pre-recorded videos focused on mindset, leadership, personal and spiritual growth (mastermind content)

    • Private FB Group for Growth Circle Members only

    • Affiliate income opportunities

    • Monthly 15-minute (1-on-1) check-in call with Coach Tasha


Inside of both private Facebook Groups, you’ll receive daily inspiration as well as tools and resources to help you on your journey. You can also ask any questions about growing yourself as a leader. In addition to leadership growth and development, we’ll also focus on strengthening our faith and personal growth!

The LIVE calls will be your safe place to help you progress your professional, business AND leadership goals and dreams.

The Connected Women Win community is a NO DRAMA, NO COMPETITION, NO COMPARISON zone.

It’s MORE than possible for women to connect and collaborate and GROW uniquely into the woman God created you to be.

You can also use the group to make new friends and professional connections, too!