Tasha M. Scott

Introducing Tasha M. Scott...the Speaker!


Tasha M. Scott provides the perfect dose of inspiration and practical guidance that will touch your heart and move you toward your goals!

Interested in booking Tasha for your next event, please email tasha@tashamscott.com.

Tasha's presentations are known for being compelling and full of heart. Audiences report that she helps them face their own truth in ways that make them declare, "If she can do it, I can do it, too!"

Tasha's Most Requested Presentations

Falling in Love with your Why

Tasha will share her simple system for uncovering the secret ingredient to success: your "why," the biggest motivation in your life for going after your dreams.

Don't Limit Me - the Journey

How I grossed $100,000 my first year in business, then found my voice and finally found freedom! - In this moving talk, Tasha touches audiences with her personal story of how she triumphed over her own limitations even during the time in her life where everything looked so "picture perfect" (but truly wasn't inside).

The Rebel Within: Breaking Self-Sabotage and Reaching your Potential

  • Identify your inner, self-sabotaging voice

  • Recognize the four tactics it uses to keep you stuck in insecurity and lack of confidence

  • Discover a tool to combat the effects of your Rebel Within so it loses its impact

Not seeing a particular topic you had in mind? Tasha is happy to tailor talks to the needs of your audience.

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In need of leadership development training for you or your organization?


Trainings include:

* Executive Coaching

* Leadership Development/Training

* Workshop Facilitation

* Personality Assessments, includes Debriefing/Training

* Staff Development Training

* Masterminds

* Lunch and Learns

* Professional Speaking


Training Topics Programs:

* How to Develop the Leader Within 

* Developing the Leaders Around You

* The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

* Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

* Building a Non-Dependent, Highly Productive Workplace


“The Leadership Game Experience was absolutely amazing! I was initially a little nervous about doing this activity with my new interns at Friendship Mission because they are still in the beginning learning stages of the organization, what we stand for and what services we offer to our clients.

The results exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. Although there were some areas that focused on our organization, there were tons of other thought-questions that touched on our beliefs, our experiences, and our relationship with a team. Tasha was a great facilitator for this exercise and helped us to navigate the course! I highly recommend this exercise to any team at the beginning, intermediate, or expert-level”

 — LaKeesa Butler, Friendship Mission


Tasha is able to customize trainings that are specific to each individual/organization to achieve effective results.


Welcome to Your Success Journey

Are you a professional or business woman who struggles with paralyzing feelings of Overwhelm, Self-Doubt and Disconnection?

Are you ready to stop stalling on your goals and learn simple strategies to take YOUR next step?

You may even be a leader who is tired of everyone applauding your mediocrity because you know there’s more potential in you than what others can see!

I assure you that you don't have to suffer in silence!!!

Your professional or business breakthrough is more than possible through your own personal growth!

As a life and executive coach, I provide a safe place for professional or business women to learn (or relearn) how to believe in themselves so they can successfully walk out their divine purpose through business.

Many of the women that I have coached have broken through barriers of fear to achieve:

  • Writing books

  • Booking speaking engagements

  • Hosting their own events

  • Starting blogs

  • Getting crystal clear on personal and business goals

  • Gaining new clients

  • Increasing productivity amongst the leader and team members

  • ...and so much more.

What will getting unstuck from Overwhelm, Self-Doubt and Disconnection produce for you?

What potential is waiting to be unleashed, if you just had the right kind of help?


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Coach Tasha has helped me discover and live my purpose to encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle. As a member of the WomenConnect Success Club, I continue to grow professionally and personally. The coaching support I have received has been phenomenal. Most importantly, I feel more empowered to continue to the journey and live in MY purpose every day! Thank you, Coach Tasha!
— Telena

There is a proverb that says when the student is ready the teacher appears. This is my experience with Coach Tasha Scott. I had arrived at a place in my life and business that required that I have an expert speak into my life and business. Tasha was launching a Mastermind Group that I chose to join and the rest is history so to speak. Her authenticity and transparency is refreshing as she gently guides you. Her willingness to share from her faith along with successes and failures is encouraging. I appreciate that Tasha has great insight into people that allows her to lead with humility and integrity. Her ability to take systems and translate them simply to meet clients at their point of need is a powerful strength. I have been blessed professionally and personally by this great connector. I highly recommend Coach Tasha M. Scott.
— Sherry
Tasha has the ability to meet many people and “weed” out the fluff and find the ones with substance that can benefit this community. Her strength is also being able to break things down i.e. Social media platforms and information to those of us who have no clue about that world. Tasha also provides resources to help novices to enter a foreign realm.
— Carla Lewis, Relationship & Stress Management Coach
From the moment I met Tasha, I knew she had something special about her. As I have had the opportunity to spend more time with her, I think I have found out what it is. It is her passion to help others reached their goals combined with her genuine heart. During my one-on-one session with Tasha, I had ideas flowing like never before. She encouraged me to dig deeper and to think outside of the box. She helped me further develop my business strategy. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for me. Tasha has a gift
— Jessica Alexander, Personal Brand Strategist & Founder/CEO of Operation Evolve
Tasha Scott MYE-46.jpg

I hired Tasha to coach me through to business success. When I started working with her I had so many business ideas swirling around in my head, I didn’t know where to start. Tasha helped me clarify my purpose and create a solid plan for how to move forward. If you are an entrepreneur that is struggling to find your place or get “unstuck’” I highly recommend that you hire Coach Tasha! She is amazing and more than worth every penny!
— Telena Madison, Educator, Coach, Mentor and Inspirational speaker

Tasha Scott has been an asset to the Council on Substance Abuse in so many ways! Her leadership training has transcended across all levels within the organization, including volunteers. Tasha is able to use the organization’s culture and maximize learning opportunities for all employees while promoting professional and personal leadership development.
— Shereda Finch, Executive Director for Council on Substance Abuse (COSA-NCADD)

Working with Tasha is life changing! She is definitely a gift! I was able to work with her via Skype for one on one sessions and although some would consider them to be short (in time) -those meetings have made a impact on my new business. After talking to Tasha about my “dream” business less than 2 weeks later I booked my first one on one session with my first client, and I am now in the process of closing other contracts! I must say- my business is sky rocking right before my eyes!! 
— Sygie Sumlin Jackson, Entrepreneur & Author of She, Myself &I I

At a recent leadership team meeting, I asked for comments about the training Tasha conducted for MACOA. All the comments were very positive. One director stated that the training was very beneficial to her because it helped her gain a better understanding of how to communicate with the other directors. It was also beneficial to have a follow-up session and include the new staff that had been hired recently. Other directors said it was a great conclusion to our off-site meeting especially since we have the new staff hired. Tasha did an excellent job of tying everything together. She has had several of the personality tests and explanations but her method and presentation are the best!
— Donna Marietta, Executive Director for Montgomery Area Council on Aging (MACOA)

Growth Circle Leadership Growth and development.png

Are you an influencer who needs a stronger support system than you currently have?!?!?

You’re ready to grow but you need a faith-based community of women who are not threatened by you…but honestly get you!

The Connected Women Win Growth Circle is best suited for current and aspiring influencers who are established in career/ business, who need a safe, faith-based place to grow themselves away from those they desire to serve.

You’re a woman who desperately needs to be challenged to stay true to who you are and who you’re becoming without allowing life issues or mindset challenges to distract you from following God's true path for you, personally or professionally.

You have a community of people you pour into but you know that you also need a place that is conducive to support your growth as well.

Your prayers have been answered, my friend…we get you!!

We are a community of faith-based women who feel called to thrive in leadership and beyond.

I love to empower and equip women like you to cultivate connection, embrace identity and take action so they can experience maximized success in your leadership potential, without compromising who you are!

As a woman who is gifted for leadership, you have a vision for yourself and for those you desire to serve. You are passionate about the work you are doing, and you are excited and ready to start your business. 

You’ve worked hard to become the woman you are today. It’s time to take your passions to the next level, so you can truly transition from inspiration to activation and help others along the way.



After securing your seat, you’ll have access to:

  • Full access to the Connected Women Win Community

    • Four LIVE weekly group calls via Zoom focused on mindset, leadership, personal, business mentoring and spiritual growth

    • “The Vault” of previous recordings and digital courses

    • Receive continuous mentorship and accountability as you focus on your path while bridging the gap of where you are now and where you desire to be

    • Pre-recorded videos focused on mindset, leadership, personal and spiritual growth (mastermind content)

    • Private FB Group for Growth Circle Members only

    • Affiliate income opportunities

    • Monthly 15-minute (1-on-1) check-in call with Coach Tasha


Inside of both private Facebook Groups, you’ll receive daily inspiration as well as tools and resources to help you on your journey. You can also ask any questions about growing yourself as a leader. In addition to leadership growth and development, we’ll also focus on strengthening our faith and personal growth!

The LIVE calls will be your safe place to help you progress your professional, business AND leadership goals and dreams.

The Connected Women Win community is a NO DRAMA, NO COMPETITION, NO COMPARISON zone.

It’s MORE than possible for women to connect and collaborate and GROW uniquely into the woman God created you to be.

You can also use the group to make new friends and professional connections, too!