Introducing Tasha M. Scott...the Speaker!


Tasha M. Scott provides the perfect dose of inspiration and practical guidance that will touch your heart and move you toward your goals!

Interested in booking Tasha for your next event, please email tasha@tashamscott.com.

Tasha's presentations are known for being compelling and full of heart. Audiences report that she helps them face their own truth in ways that make them declare, "If she can do it, I can do it, too!"

Tasha's Most Requested Presentations

Falling in Love with your Why

Tasha will share her simple system for uncovering the secret ingredient to success: your "why," the biggest motivation in your life for going after your dreams.

Don't Limit Me - the Journey

How I grossed $100,000 my first year in business, then found my voice and finally found freedom! - In this moving talk, Tasha touches audiences with her personal story of how she triumphed over her own limitations even during the time in her life where everything looked so "picture perfect" (but truly wasn't inside).

The Rebel Within: Breaking Self-Sabotage and Reaching your Potential

  • Identify your inner, self-sabotaging voice

  • Recognize the four tactics it uses to keep you stuck in insecurity and lack of confidence

  • Discover a tool to combat the effects of your Rebel Within so it loses its impact

Not seeing a particular topic you had in mind? Tasha is happy to tailor talks to the needs of your audience.

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