...for women in business, ministry and leadership 


Begin to Start Receiving the Greatest Return on Investment in Relationships...

starting with yourself! 

You Really Can Experience Restoration AND Maximize Your Existence!
Let Go of Fear, Procrastination and Doubt so you can Catapult from Good Enough to Unlimited in Your Potential! 

As a woman who leads in business and ministry, it's tough to excel in today's economy and business environment. I'm sure you know that. 

Are you struggling with balance in areas of your life, especially when it comes to building your dream business or ministry? Do you wish your life was different? Are you juggling your personal life and responsibilities with your goals and dreams? 

You may see other women moving ahead with apparent success and others failing miserably. And fear begins to overtake think about past failures and mistakes, goals not accomplished...shattered dreams and broken relationships. 

You feel like you're doing all you can, but there's something holding you back. You feel at times as though your past is holding you hostage...keeping you from enjoying the full fruit of your labors. 

You're not alone. 

There are more women than you realize who are just like you and feel as you do. 


We all know what it's like to look good on the outside while trying unsuccessfully to fool ourselves on the inside.

Many women have said they feel overwhelmed - weighed down with responsibility but seeing limited results. The joy they had when they began their adventure has turned into frustration and drudgery. They dread the future but feel stuck and don't know how to break the cycle. 

Can you relate? 

I can.  

I've been an entrepreneur for over 14 years. I burst on the entrepreneurial scene full of hopes and dreams...with a heart full of ministry – very active in the church world. I launched out into my business and had immediate success. In the spotlight things were going great.  But behind the scenes I was falling apart. 

I was hiding shame from past failures in my personal life. My marriage was headed toward divorce.  I was making six figures in my income, but I had no solid foundation or discipline to handle it, and as a result, I ended up filing bankruptcy. There was a disconnect between my business and personal lives. 

I felt like a fraud.  

So, I reached out for help.  I got a life coach.  She helped me recognize where I was...identified why I was struggling, and walked me through the process of getting back on track.  

I began to experience success again. I regained momentum. I wrote a book and started a movement for women, "Don't Limit Me", but there was still something missing. 

I had another coach who called me out. She told me things appeared to be going good in my life, but she felt that I was holding back. There was still something missing.  

She was right!   

I had gotten into coaching because of what it had done for me. It had given me a freedom I had never experienced up to that point. I wanted to pay it forward. 

But again, somewhere in the pursuit of my dreams, I got distracted. I began to compare myself with others...those who were further along and those who weren't. And I lost sight of my purpose. It became less about my “why” and more about making money. 

Have you become distracted? 

Maybe your distraction isn't comparison or money, but we all have triggers that trap us and cause us to lose focus. We take our eyes off our purpose and begin to lose our way. 

When I got free I wanted to pay it forward. When I got distracted I lost my focus. My past was holding me hostage. And I was compartmentalizing my faith, segregating it from my business life.  

Can you relate? 

But I've had an awakening! I've learned some powerful truths that have set me on a journey to Maximize My Existence. And I can show you how to do it too! Without compromising your peace, joy, integrity...or your family. 

Does that sound too good to be true? It's not. You can let go of the old stories from your past that are keeping you from action. Let go of the mistakes that tell you you're not enough. Let go of regrets that tell you "You can't!" And let go of rules that tell you "Not now." 

You can learn how to integrate your faith into your mission. 

Learn to be transparent and powerful. Become a magnet for others who need what you have. Add value to relationships and make a difference in the lives of others. 

As a result of discovering these secrets, my business has doubled. I have more focus, more energy and more determination to pay it forward and see women's lives transformed and successful...women living their dreams and bringing value and significance to others as well as themselves. 

You don't have to struggle and hit the walls I did. If you're ready to live a life of purpose and significance and see success greater than you have dreamed, make a decision now to take action! 

Are you ready to get restored so you can Maximize Your Existence? 

Then I'm offering you an opportunity to become everything in this life you were created to be. 

Are you ready to stop just wishing and hoping and start receiving the greatest return on investment, especially when it comes to your business or ministry and relationships? Do you want to take the limits off yourself while being supported in your efforts as you meet the challenges of transformation? 

You can begin a journey where your trust is without borders and your results are unlike anything you've ever experienced before. You'll follow God's path of unlimited potential for your life, leading you to your greatest self. And you won't be alone. 

Embrace and own your significance as a woman of faith in business, ministry and/or leadership.  

Meet the restoration Retreat Guest speakers


Toni Purry


Toni Purry is an author, speaker, PR & visibility strategist, and an award-winning producer and entrepreneur. With over 20 years of industry expertise, Toni is known for her creative approach to raising brand awareness and establishing consumer confidence. Her work has landed clients on The Today Show, The View, The Food Network, USA Today, LA Times, and O Magazine, to name a few…and garnered more than 50 industry awards in PR and video production.

While pursuing her Bachelors degree, Toni who is no stranger to lofty endeavors, made history by becoming the first African-American woman to earn the title of Miss Alabama, shattering a 75-year glass ceiling. After closing her PR agency of ten years, her most recent accomplishment was inking her first book entitled My Hype Book, a guided motivational journal designed to provide the tools for building self-confidence.

Toni currently speaks nationally and facilitates workshops and mastermind groups for corporations, small businesses and private groups with a desire to empower their teams with her proven confidence building process.

Also, the site will be live later this month.

Dr. Yulanda Tyre


Dr. Yulanda Tyre is Owner of Reignite, Counselor, Coach and Consultation Service and author of Reignite, a 21 Day Devotional. She is committed to helping others realize, renew and ignite their talents, dreams and goals.

She holds a PhD in Counselor Education and has been working as a counselor, counselor educator, author and higher education professional for the past 15 years. She is a licensed counselor and is an active part of the community. She has been married for 22 years, is a mother of two and co-parent of 3 adult children.

Compassion Fatigue

Ladies, this power-packed session will define compassion fatigue and dispel assumptions related to burnout, identify emotional, and physical symptoms that you might be experiencing and clarify how compassion fatigue, if left untreated can debilitate you and stifle your overall mission. You will leave this session with increased knowledge on the subject, empowered to help yourself and others in your sphere of influence who might be struggling with compassion fatigue and armed with skills to keep compassion fatigue at bay as you head into the new year!

Join me, Toni Purry, Dr. Yulanda Tyre (and others like you) on January 26th -28th, 2018 for The Restoration Retreat at Chateau Jolie in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Here's what I'm offering you: 

A life-transforming journey of restoration... 

  • An opportunity to unmask your true identity - get clear on your vision and your restraints and set a strong foundation. 
  • The ability to turn your "I Can't" into "I Can!" and follow through to action - drill down and get real. Identify fears, declare your purpose and remove your limitations. 
  • The ability to take responsibility and seal the cracks in your foundation - give yourself permission to go after your dream and take action. 
  • The opportunity to grow - take massive action and develop a realistic plan - break it down into manageable, doable, achievable and actionable steps. Enjoy more organization, income, peace of mind, joy and less stress. Know who you are, where you're going and how to get there. 
  • The ability to prosper - live in your new normal - strip away the stereotypes and define success on your terms. Prosper in every area of life with a new mindset and accountability plan. 
  • The ability to build your legacy - learn the power of prayer, surrender and faith, and free the gifts God gave you to maximize your potential. 

The Restoration Retreat Includes the Following: 

  • Lodging and meals (and snacks) for the weekend 
  • Interactive group sessions with Coach Tasha  
  • Interactive group session with Toni Purry, Author of My Hype Book
  • Interactive group session with Dr. Yulanda Tyre, Author of Reignite 
  • 30-minute, one-on-one session with Coach Tasha at the retreat 
  • 2 Pre-Retreat group coaching sessions, Maximize Your Existence via Zoom 
  • 1 Post-Retreat group coaching session, Maximize Your Existence via Zoom 
  • Private Facebook group for retreat attendees only 
  • Workbooks, worksheets and supplies for projects and sessions 
  • Special Gift for each individual 

Chateau Joli includes: Exercise gym, walking trails, game rooms, 16 beds, plenty of opportunity for group time and down time. 

Who is God calling you to become? 

Eradicate fear and free her! 

You can have a huge impact on the world. Someone needs you...your talents and abilities...all that you are - the real you! 

Transportation to retreat is the responsibility of each individual. However, airport runs are available for those arriving by flight into Atlanta International Airport.