In need of leadership development training for you or your organization?


Trainings include:

* Executive Coaching

* Leadership Development/Training

* Workshop Facilitation

* Personality Assessments, includes Debriefing/Training

* Staff Development Training

* Masterminds

* Lunch and Learns

* Professional Speaking


Training Topics Programs:

* How to Develop the Leader Within 

* Developing the Leaders Around You

* The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

* Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

* Building a Non-Dependent, Highly Productive Workplace


“The Leadership Game Experience was absolutely amazing! I was initially a little nervous about doing this activity with my new interns at Friendship Mission because they are still in the beginning learning stages of the organization, what we stand for and what services we offer to our clients.

The results exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. Although there were some areas that focused on our organization, there were tons of other thought-questions that touched on our beliefs, our experiences, and our relationship with a team. Tasha was a great facilitator for this exercise and helped us to navigate the course! I highly recommend this exercise to any team at the beginning, intermediate, or expert-level”

 — LaKeesa Butler, Friendship Mission

“Tasha Scott has been an asset to the Council on Substance Abuse in so many ways! Her leadership training has transcended across all levels within the organization, including volunteers. Tasha is able to use the organization's culture and maximize learning opportunities for all employees while promoting professional and personal leadership development.”

Shereda Finch, Executive Director for Council on Substance Abuse (COSA-NCADD)

“At a recent leadership team meeting, I asked for comments about the training Tasha conducted for MACOA. All the comments were very positive. One director stated that the training was very beneficial to her because it helped her gain a better understanding of how to communicate with the other directors. It was also beneficial to have a follow-up session and include the new staff that had been hired recently.

Other directors said it was a great conclusion to our off-site meeting especially since we have the new staff hired. Tasha did an excellent job of tying everything together. She has had several of the personality tests and explanations but her method and presentation are the best!”

Donna Marietta, Executive Director for Montgomery Area Council on Aging (MACOA)

“Mrs. Tasha Scott provided a great presentation to our amazing Leaders throughout the State of Alabama. Mrs. Scott provided the leaders with practical ways to enhance their leadership style and understand how their personality plays a role in how they lead. She recognized her audience and adapted her foundational presentation as she engaged the leaders while stretching them to achieve more and lead better. I strongly recommend Mrs. Scott to conduct leadership training for every leader that is reading this statement of truth as leaders seek to Maximize your growth!”

Jawandalyn Brooks, Executive Director for Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“Tasha M. Scott is one of the most effective and innovative leadership and life coach’s that I’ve worked with. Since I’ve met Tasha and started working with her in her training workshops, I have been able to push my limits and discover my true potential as a leader.

My effectiveness and impact with my work has undergone a transformation. I’m learning more how to empower others by encouraging them to take on greater responsibility and accountability.

Tasha is Awesome!!!”

Sheyann Webb Christburg, Founder and CEO of Women of W.I.L.L.


Tasha is able to customize trainings that are specific to each individual/organization to achieve effective results.