Are you longing for SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE goal planning strategies with results???


If you feel like you have a vision, dream or goal - but you just can’t figure out what the first step or the next step to make progress happen, then the Maximize Your Existence workshop is for you.

If you are beyond ready to START or CONTINUE without losing yourself, comparing yourself or compromising yourself, the Maximize Your Existence workshop is for you!

If you’re like me, you’ve come to HATE the word hustle. You are not afraid of hard work but you are TEAM SLEEP and you don’t want to kill yourself trying to make your dreams come true.

Yes, you want to be effective!

Yes, you want more!

You NEED results because time and money are way too precious to waste.

You also don’t want to self-sabotage your potential while leaving self-care on the back burner!

Can I get an AMEN?

You may even see other women moving ahead with apparent success and wonder HOW in the world are they doing this thing called life, especially with so many responsibilities pulling on them, too!

Don’t be deceived…it is possible to be everything God destined you to become!

It is even possible to do it afraid, finding your own pace and rhythm!

Nope! Fear doesn’t have to stop you. Neither does doubt or perfectionism.

Fear may have paralyzed you temporarily or distracted you so much that you don’t even know where your path begins or ends. Regardless of where you are - No matter your failures, mistakes, goals not accomplished, shattered dreams or broken relationships - it’s not too late for you!

Please listen to me: It is possible for you to Maximize every ounce of potential in you STILL!

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I am cordially inviting you to attend the next LIVE, INTERACTIVE Goal Planning and Purpose Accelerating workshop

on Saturday, February 2nd from 9:00 to 12:00.

Each participant will walk away with:

  • Renewed hope and purpose to work on your personal and professional goals

  • An actionable 90-day plan workbook

  • Resources for accountability to stay focused on your 90-day plan

  • Opportunity to network with purpose-minded others.

  • My brand new combo book, Don’t Limit Me/Maximize Your Existence

  • and more!

(Light refreshments will be served.)

What others are saying about the Maximize Your Existence experience!

I LOVED the Maximize Your Existence experience.  Tasha is so authentic and real and offers valuable teaching and encouragement.  I also enjoyed the time I spent with the other ladies who were "going through" a rough patch, as they too offered their wisdom.  I would recommend anyone who is "stuck" in life's journey to participate in this AMAZING experience.  Tasha, thank you for your time and your support!

I met Tasha at a conference.  I knew after meeting her that I needed some more Tasha time.  She is an amazing person.  Positive and motivating.  I have not worked in many, many years.  I have spent those raising my boys.  As a result I have felt unqualified to return to the workplace.  I am still scared.  As Tasha says, "Do it afraid". I realize that small steps are actually to be celebrated as big ones. I don't beat myself and others up as much.  I even gave something away that has been hurting me since the week when we committed to what we need and don't need. It has made a huge difference in my life.  This class is great for anyone looking for motivation in their walk with Christ, work, and family. Thank you, Tasha.

I’m so thankful for this class and for the opportunity to connect with you and other amazing women.  Due to this class, I’ve experienced a significant shift in my confidence and clarity about my purpose and the significance of my existence. I’ve intentionally taken moments of self-care and set necessary boundaries and it feels AMAZING! 
I’ve changed my mindset from “why me” to “why not me” and given myself permission to soar! Thank you so much for being in a position to be used by God! ~ Candace